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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Powerpoint Slides for Everyone - 2014 - Advent Weeks

I usually post these free background images on Sunday afternoons.  But because this week has been more than regular busy, I wasn't able to do it then.  I was going to do it on Monday, but then I was swamped with other things... Tuesday, Wednesday... bah!  Finally, on this Thanksgiving Thursday, I can finally get them posted for you.

And to make up for the fact that I was somewhat delayed (and to ensure that I won't have to worry about it for a few weeks) I am going to share all four weeks of the Advent themed backgrounds here in a single post.  Feel free to use one, or all, or none, or any that you like.

Advent 1 photo Advent1_zps501b868a.jpg

Advent 2 photo Advent2_zpse541de34.jpg

Advent 3 photo Advent3_zps0b9cc887.jpg

Advent 4 photo Advent4_zps44530a72.jpg

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It's Not My Intent To Make People Cry, But Sometimes it Happens

It's never my intent to make people cry while I'm playing my guitar and singing at the red kettle for The Salvation Army.  It wasn't my intent, but it happened.

I was playing through some of the songs in my Bob Dylan songbook when she came out of the store pushing a cartload of groceries.  I saw her start to exit the foyer area and then hesitate, then she pulled her cart off to the side and waited.  My attention wasn't really on her, so I didn't see what she was doing until I finished the song.

When I finished the song, I rolled my shoulders and stretched for a bit (it gets to be a long afternoon) and I saw that she was still there, standing next to her cartload of groceries, crying.

I asked if she needed anything.

She said "no," and thanked me for playing.  She said that her husband (now dead) used to play that song for her.

It's not my intent to make people cry with my singing, but sometimes it happens.

Biblical Limericks: Stay Awake

Solomon said, “Sleep and you’ll grow poor;
stay awake and you’ll increase your stores.”
So I took caffeine pills.
Twelve days later I’m still
awake, but I can’t go on much more.

Proverbs 20: 13

Monday, November 24, 2014

No One Could Tell the Difference

We may have our Salvation Army Christmas kettles out already – before thanksgiving – and I may take my guitar out to play instead of ringing a bell for hours on end, but I’m not yet ready to start playing Christmas songs.  Not until after Thanksgiving, at least.  One holiday at a time, please...

Until then I am playing Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Pete Seeger, Mumford and Sons, American folk songs, etc...

Tonight, as I stood at the kettle, playing my guitar and singing in the lobby of the Hy-Vee grocery store, a young man approached me and asked if he could sing along.  Being the personable kind of person that I am, I said, “sure” and started the next song.  And he joined in with me.

But golly and gee, this guy had no sense of pitch or rhythm.  It’s okay, though – I guess – because I was playing Bob Dylan songs at the time, and no one could tell the difference.

If you see me, or any of our volunteers ringing a bell (or playing an instrument) at the kettle stand, please consider donating to The Salvation Army.  Or you can make a donation online via this handy-dandy virtual kettle.  This one is set up for The Salvation Army of Newton (Jasper Country), Iowa, but you can use the site to find the Salvation Army unit nearest to you.

Thank you.

It's Here! #mutedhosannas

My friend, Kevin, has sent me my first copy of my first book Muted Hosannas.  It's true. It's real. And, it's here!

It's a book of my poetry and photography. Paperback. 70 pages.  9" x 12" Full color.

It's available through Amazon. And from Frontier Press (the publisher).

My friend, Joel L. Watts wrote the forward for it.  He has a couple of books that are worth reading as well.


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