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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thatjeffcarter - the Remix

R3SET is a pop/rock/electro musician who's song Runaway has been opened up to a remix contest.
I've submitted my entry.  I don't have any real expectation of winning, but I did have fun making this remix.

R3SET - Runaway (Thatjeffcarter Was Here Remix) by thatjeffcarter was here

In addition to the stems provided for the contest I used a few sounds from my favorite resource - the Freesound Project:

You can download this one for your continued amusement if you like.

Please remember the Salvation Army during this time of the year.  We're in the middle of our biggest fundraising time.  The Salvation Army of Fairmont, Minnesota needs to raise a total of $23,000 in our red kettles.  If you haven't already given a donation at one of our buckets, or sent a donation through the mail, would you consider donating online with this virtual kettle?   Thank you  very much.

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