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Thursday, December 29, 2011

This Accursed Melody - the Movie

It's Christmas.  I'm on vacation with my family so, of course, we are watching zombie movies.  (Isn't that what every family does during holiday get-togethers?)  We've even managed to coerce my mom into watching several episodes of The Walking Dead with us.  She's admitted that the show is deeply compelling and well acted, but she wishes that "they'd not show so much gory stuff."  I think she's missed the point...

But we're not just zombie movie watchers.  We're also zombie movie makers.

Last summer, during my annual stint at music camp, I made a zombie movie with  my brother and the staff and campers. We managed to film and edit the entire movie in just under a week.  And everyone had a lot of fun.  Some of the leaders were a bit nervous when they heard rumors of a zombie movie; they were apprehensive about it being a horror movie, but when the movie was screened on the final day of camp, every one was pleased. (At least, no one came to yell at me afterwards.)

My brother and I entered the film into a couple of film contests and festivals, but it was rejected (awww...). That was kinda' sad, but instead of being depressed about our rejection we are - finally - making it available for you to watch and enjoy - perhaps you'd like to watch and enjoy it during your next family holiday vacation.

We made extensive use of The Freesound Project - both in the music and sound effects - for this film:


  1. thats better than most of those "this one time at band camp..." stories

  2. Very cool! Gotta love "band camp" movie meets "schticky zombie horror" movie. I can't help but think that maybe they should've buried that thing a little deeper at the end. I see a sequel coming: "Son of This Accursed Melody"? "This Accursed Melody Rises Again: The Funeral March"? =)
    Some of the filter/colors you guys used (esp. with the forrest shots) were beautiful! The overall concept and music vocabulary throughout to mark the chapters was extremely cool!

  3. Thanks.

    I don't think there's going to be a sequel. We might do another movie, but if we do it won't be zombies. (Though I do like the title, "Funeral March". That would be great.)

    My daughter has suggested an alien movie - "Close Encounters of the 3/4 Kind"


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