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Monday, May 7, 2012

Strange Retort

It's been a little while since I participated in one of the Dares at the Freesound Project, so it's time that I rectify that lapse.

This month's dare has challenged us to use a variety of percussion sounds to create musical piece.  This Strange Retort is what I've created.

If you like it, you should feel free to download it.

I used the following samples:

13” Snare 

To begin I loaded the various sounds into a percussion rack in Ableton Live 8 (lite) .  I created a couple of rhythm patterns which I proceeded to slice, reverse, and rearrange.  I made second copy of this deconstructed drum pattern and applied the Deconstruct 01  effect to it - that gives it the electrical glitchy sound.  Then I took the Tom sample and stretched it out.  I made 3 copies of this sound and played them at different pitches.  After a bit more cutting and pasting of the various sounds and a bit of tweaking on the volumes and levels I was finished.  It sounds quicker and easier than it was.  

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