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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Once More Around the Sun - A Freesound Dare

I make frequent use of the many sounds available at the Freesound Project.  But not only is it an enormous resource, it is also a community of musicians and audio-crafters.  We sometimes challenge each other to various "Dares"  to see what we can create from a limited selection of sounds.  This particular dare (#14) involved various kitchen-drum sounds played by a 5 year old girl.

The drum sounds should all be fairly obvious.  But what might not be so immediately obvious is that one of the drum sounds became the warbly synth sound in the melody.  I did this by playing the sound through a synthesizer and gradually shortening the sample length until it became a tone (at about 20  - 22 seconds in...)
I took a sample of this tone and used it in the synthesizer to play the melody.

I added a glitch effect and some reverb to the melody.  The last little bit of beeping is from the feedback created by the glitch effect.

Here is a complete list of the sounds I used:

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