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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More Anomalies A – Z: Baalberith

The children of Israel made Baalberith their god.  Judges 9: 33

Near the Terebinth groves of Morah
where wandering Abram pitched his tents,
where Yahweh confirmed and cut
a covenant with his servant

Rises the tower of Baalberith,
the Master of the Mark
god of contracts,
and Lord of the Knife.

There he is worshipped
by stiff men – strong and undeterred.
The men of Shechem stand erect,
ready to do as their lord commands.

They stroke the idol
as they pass
before his altar;
they stroke the idol for a blessing.

From the rabbinic writings in the Mishnah:
``[There was an idol] in the shape of the head of a penis, and there was one in the shape of a bean.`` Now what is the scriptural basis [for this statement about the kind of idol just now described in the shape of a penis]? ``And they made as their god the master of the mark of circumcision [Baal berith]`` (Judg.8.33). [This indicates that there can be an idol in the stated shape.]

'Ab. Zarah iii.43a

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