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Friday, October 30, 2015

Ground Cherry Jam

I'm not much help in the kitchen. I don't do a lot of the cooking. I can, and I will, but my wife is much better at it, so usually she cooks. But the other night I made a special exception; I wanted to try to make jelly-or more accurately, jam from the Ground Cherries that my friend Garden Jim gave me from the garden that I've helped him with over the past couple of seasons.

This was my first attempt at making jelly, or jam (jelly being made from the fruit juice, jam being made from crushed fruit) and I think that it turned out pretty well. It tastes very good. Come on by the house if you'd like to try some-apparently I made a lot.

Here is my ground cherry jam spread over toast.  Did you know that Ground Cherries (along with tomatoes) are part of the deadly nightshade family?  For true!

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