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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Do Not Despair, O Little Flock - a New Hymn

I haven't done this in some time, so I feel good about doing it again - writing new words for old hymn tunes. Today I have taken two of the texts from this week's lectionary reading (Ordinary 19 - Luke 12: 32 - 40 & Psalm 33: 12 - 22) and the German hymn tune Kommt Her Zu Mir  to write the following:

You are welcome to it if you like it.

Do not despair, o little flock, 
though the trials of this world rock
your faith and disturb your calm,
for it is your Father’s pleasure
to give to you all the treasure

of his glorious kingdom.

Sell what you have – give to the poor
and store your wealth forever more

where thieves and moths cannot go;
for where you keep your wealth and worth,
whether in heav’n or on the earth,
there your heart will be also.

Kings are not saved by force of arms,
nor warriors from great alarms
by trusting in their own might;
but God’s eye is on those that fear,
on all those who to him draw near
and trust him through death’s dark night.

Be dressed and ready with your light,
for he may come this very night,
then we will open the door.
We set our hope upon the Lord,
who is our help, our shield and sword;
we praise him forever more.

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