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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Is this the Evangelical Choice?

Almost every day - sometimes twice a day - I find myself asking the question: Is this the evangelical choice? Is Donald J. Trump really the person that evangelical Christians want to see in the White House?

Trump has issued an apology - of sorts. It's more of a faux-pology. If he'd stopped after 21 seconds, it could have been an apology but everything after that cancels out his 'apology.'

But how does this 'apology' (even if we credit it as sincere) ring against his earlier comments that he's never felt the need to ask God for forgiveness?

Okay. I get it, Evangelicals, you really don't like Hillary Clinton. I'd go so far as to suspect that you actually hate and loathe her. I am not asking you to vote for her against your conscience, but how can the evangelical support this man for the office of president?  He does not represent you - your values - your morals - your ethics. He is not you.  So why do you embrace him?

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