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Friday, October 26, 2018

Work Instruction 45-410T

No repairs will be made because no repairs are necessary. Put some paint over the hole and ship the unit. We have a schedule to maintain. Even if we are, as it is claimed, out of spec, even if it is shown that we have not followed procedure, we do not care. Irrelevant details. Get out of the way; your complaints only delay.

Inspection will be defunded. Investigation will be cancelled. The results are predetermined and external prime readings will validate our findings. You don’t need to check.  Do not pursue. We already have a story to clear the suspect and muddy the waters.

Do not pursue the obvious direct course – the evidence is fake, planted by false flag Demoncrats as part of their systematic mythology. They will kill us. They will burn our churches to the ground. They will storm the White House. So bomb them first. Bomb them now.

Keep vandals out of direct sunlight. Allow them to work in secret. Our agents, when they work, work best in darkness.

Finish the blast. Ship as many units as possible.

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