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Saturday, May 4, 2019

A Busy and Productive Day.

It has been a busy and productive day, so much accomplished, so many tasks completed. I feel good. And just what all did  I do today? Well, let me tell you:

I began the day by dreaming of zombies in the workplace, of barricaded doors and axes in soft skulls.

I awoke and dressed and walked 0.6 miles to get nowhere- or rather, nothing- or rather to not get what I wanted. I bought coffee and doughnuts instead. Disappointing, yes. But still- has coffee, so not terrible.

I then cut the heads off of a thousand lions. One by one, I cut them down. Later I will drink their blood.

I angered a swarm of bees. Not a good idea.

I gave the earth a haircut.

I pruned three small wolves. Later there may be beer, but tomorrow I will cook and eat them with friends.

I sat a while to read- to reread, I should say (and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve reread this story)  to read the story of a misunderstood not-monster living in the not-then, not-yet ruins of a French gothic cathedral.

I spoke bad Russian to an artificially intelligent owl. I try to do this every day.

I ate wine-soaked cheese then went out in search of still more food.

I dozed on the couch with my young bride (who insists that she cannot be more than than twenty-seven, and that her baby cannot be graduating from high school in a few days).

I caused it to rain upon the earth- or at least my small part of it.

I discovered errant golf balls on the roof and opened clogged water ways.

I ate earth apples.

All this and there are still several good hours (and one bad hour) left in the day.

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