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Monday, August 16, 2010

County Fair Entry #4 - The Monster - or - All My Vain Toil

The Monster - or - All My Vain Toil
I took my paintings to the county fair today, stood in line, filled out the entry forms and handed over my work to the volunteers behind the table.  The fair opens tomorrow, but I think my family won't be able to go until Wednesday.  We hope that the recent cooler weather holds out until then.

This is the fourth of the paintings I submitted this year:  The Monster - or - All My Vain Toil.  It's acrylic paint on a canvas board that was prepared with collaged paper scraps. 

The other entries that I observed as I waited were -like last year - mostly of the puppies / clowns / flowers / birds I saw out my window variety.  Not that there's anything necessarily wrong with those types of paintings, but my stuff does seem rather out of place amongst them all.

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