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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn Trees, Grey Sky, and Psalm 98

This is a new song
part of that great song
heard before the universe began.
This is a love song
for the Holy One
the one who creates, redeems, and saves.

He performs wonders
and so we wonder
at the power of his mighty arm.
He makes all things new
and we are renewed
by the salvation in his right hand.

So let us sing,
and let us praise;
let the whole world
see and acclaim
that Yahweh is God.

Play this song with harps,
with all instruments,
let their fanfares announce our great king.
Let the oceans roar
and all that they hold,
let rivers and mountains clap their hands.

-a paraphrase of Psalm 98 for singing - though I haven't yet put a melody to it.

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