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Friday, April 17, 2015

If Abraham Were like some of Today’s Christians

Abraham stepped forward and said, “Will you really not destroy the city?  It is filled with wicked and evil men, with gays and lesbians and abortionists and secularists who teach our children evolution.  Send a hurricane or an earthquake to punish them for their many sins.”

And Yahweh replied, “I could not think of doing such a thing, putting to death the upright along with the guilty.  Is not the judge of the whole world to act justly?

Abraham spoke up and aid, “It will not be presumptuous of me to speak this way to you, but you must punish sin.  Destroy the city, my Lord.”

And Yahweh replied, “What if there are five upright men and women within the city?  Should I destroy them with the city?”

“Yes,” said Abraham.  “You must destroy the city.”

“But if there are ten?”

“Even if there were ten,” said Abraham, “you must punish the city for its sin.”

“ But suppose there are twenty?  Should I still destroy the city?”

“I trust my Lord will not be angry with me,” said Abraham through clenched teeth, “but you must, even then, destroy it.”

Once more Yahweh spoke to him, “What if there are fifty good and upright believers in the city? Is that not enough to save it?”

Abraham sighed and said, “Even you could not find fifty upright men in that wicked place.  Destroy the city as proof that you are a righteous God that will not be mocked...”

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