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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Personal Emotion – The Beginning of Sorrows

1. Somebody Was Angry.

He was a shifty man of Egypt, who was a querulous alienator of fathers, and he began his confession, this confrontation, with a projection of himself into the woes of the universe. “Woe to me and my endocrine system,” he said, but all of the injections were disputed. (Injections of hormones are of little value! Mental aberrations make microwave injections ineffective!) Perhaps the prophet felt intense pressure on his pancreas and other glands.

His coworkers beat him because he was a man of contention, stirring up resentment and radioactive contamination in the soul with cobalt bombs. Yet alien historians and biblical scholars still don’t fully understand the plot to kill him.

It is helpful at this point to catalyze the body, and to mark things, to separate the blood, to break down and to destroy all those innocent substitutes that are symbolically covered with disease and dementia. Inject loneliness into their veins.

2. Somebody wanted something.
Have I not set you breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even set you up rising as a potential potentate? What happens in a nuclear explosion? Surely I will deliver you a dazzling, multicolored light, and the moon will become like blood-very smoggy, even the moon is a ghastly red.
It is this religiously and politically enforced isolation that will eventually rehabilitate the world. Take no account of the confused emotional reaction of the people around you. They are suffering mental aberrations and apathy of the lowest order. Social isolation is a dangerous thing, but it must be done; it is for their own good. You must get away from the noise and demands of the sun and moon. Ignore the cries of distress. There will be physical and mental pain-disregard them. There will be dramatic blood pressure shifts, but you can sprinkle the blood of the sacrifice over them and they will be forgotten.

Remember me seven times on the Golden Throne as you trade rationality for vengeance. Your enthusiastic and vigorously violent rebellions, your revolutions to overthrow and build up will not bear legitimate reproach, fear, or grief. Your sleep patterns, attention and logical and verbal reasoning will be broken. You will begin to experience hallucinations and suffer mental breakdowns. Still, you must bring the blood of the innocent to the battlefield.

When I began my work between the two golden angles there was a radiant word for us – joy – sweet, yes, sweeter than the Shekinah glory. But those sweet words turned bitter, and this manifestation of God’s presence on the earth faded–the sun was obscured from my sight for many days. Use a violent catastrophic shaking, and a sizable volume of fear to keep the separation of sadness firmly in place. Use terror for instance, or grief and dejection. Use nuclear tipped missiles launched from anonymous orbital platforms. The cobalt bomb is directly traceable to immigrant endocrine systems.

You must be cold-blooded in order to be rational.
I have become a persona non grata,
but, by far, the most awful earth shock is yet to come.

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