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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Other Flammable Material

Now is the time to sing and speak about latter-day wars worse than civil, about a time when many will depart from faith and dust will fall, when seducing spirits on FalseNews will promulgate a doctrine of demons and, speaking lies, will convince an imperial people to turn a victorious right hand against their own vitals, searing them with a hot iron.

Now is the time; the future is here. The future is strange. Fortune tellers, witches, pundits, soothsayers, tea-leaf readers, poets, occultists, and sorcerers are shaking the one solid earth, just as the Bible prophesied. It is the war of the latter years and latter days. But what madness is this? What fierce orgy of self-slaughter and burning diesel fuel? Originally astrology and horoscope readings were only done while the ghost of Crassus still wandered with us, but now every proud Babylonian priest and political candidate is consulting the oracles. Tell us what the polls reveal. What do the entrance and exit spirits declare for us today?

The stars in the burning South are swept from the sky but, even so, Astrology has grown. The Chinese might once have passed under our yoke (and still might if the Trumpet blows). Voodoo is back in black magic; witchcraft spreads in cities where houses are half demolished, and walls totter. We have seen mediums and mystics, magnesium fires and experimental weapons and a race of giants corrupting us with wicked imaginations.

Still, if Fate could find no other way to bring the Advent of a Neo-Nero (for everlasting kingdoms cost the gods dear, and advertising is expensive) it will have been worth it. The news media gives widespread publicity to the self-proclaimed satanic candidate, given him everything but a nude woman altar. This is the man who calls himself the First Priest of Narcissism, the epitome of ugly American passion, and free indulgence.

How did the fire begin? How did the diesel fuel ignite? Was there other flammable material that we were content to ignore?

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