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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We Pray for Victory

The Federal Government is a good and righteous force, when properly staffed, approved by all the churches of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales (but the Book of Revelations is not in there. I’ve got some stuff underlined in a friend’s obituary.) And for this reason, we take it as our model and our theme. Unfortunately the universities have not coupled with those dedicated and desiccated pro-fascists factions that eventually went for George Bush (H or W). Now we need to demonstrate how Political Correctness can be rebranded, rebuilt, repurposed. And all that is necessary for our success in this is that Church Doctors (with degrees from Oral Roberts University!) should stand on the backbone platforms of our enemies. Finish him!

The president has picked his own ultra-radicals for orifices. Give us a new America; there’s some serious money in that stuff. On the surface, this is a good idea, but don’t look too deep (diarrhea). Christians lose, they quit. They’re quitters. The situation is much the same in the hypothetical (hypocritical endothermic histrionic) gubernatorial race – turning to more piratical games wherever PERSONAL COMPUTERS have broken out like a rash. Science, history, and precedent are easily swung from state to state for Demon-crat numbers. “There will be nothing, and there is nothing for campus leftists or the legions (I AM LEGION) of slavish (Slavic) bureaucrats.

Contrary to the calumnies of our opponents, bloody street fighters in a summer blast furnace, we take the words at face value, determining how to read them according to the historical fixations of our party. We will solve all of our problems with broad brush census data. Insurance or not. A principled administration of whip cracking men and women, bleary-eyed, blurry-eyed, Judeo-Christians with respect for favored citizens and tolerance for approved positions.

Faith in the system. Always submit to the Church Administration. This is your salvation. This is not to be doubted- God has laid down a universal rule for our misconduct namely, that to everyone placed in authority over us by his appointment, we should render reverence, obedience, gratitude, and all the other services in our power (unless he’s a Demon-crat, obviously). Nor does it make any difference whether they are worthy of this honour or not.

All 435 members of Congress and 34 Senators will face the voters. We now have 900,000 members and supporters in 872 chapters in all 50 states! The tide is turning, the worm is churning. We pray for victory. 

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