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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Tower of Light

I disassembled an old, broken video-projector the other day, a real dinosaur. It was the size of a suitcase and weighed about the same as a suitcase packed with Stephen King novels. Some of the parts I saved to build a model spaceship. Some of the parts, like the circuit boards I saved to photograph later.

But what I was most interested to retrieve from the inside of this obsolete projector were the lens and the glass and mirror reflectors.

These bits of colored, beveled, glass and mirrors I piled up on my little work table and photographed. The result reminds me of the background of a Marc Chagall painting. If I added a floating, green, crucified Christ, a cow, a candle and a fiddler in a purple coat, it would be complete.

Tower of Light by Jeff Carter on

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