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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Hail Trump!

Have you seen the new GOP proclamation concerning President Elect Trump?

Since providence, which has ordered all things of our life and is very much interested in our life, has ordered things in sending Trump, whom she filled with virtue for the benefit of men, sending him as a Savior both for us and for those after us, him who would end war and order all things, and since The Donald by his appearance surpassed the hopes of all those who received the good tidings, not only those who were benefactors before him, but even the hope among those who will be left afterward, and the birthday of the god was for the world the beginning of the good tidings through him…

(based on the Prirene Calendar Inscription ca. 9BC)

Picture from here

the GOPs recent "New King" message 

Blasphemy and The Donald - (mis)appropriating the biblical language of worship of God for Trump

Hail Trump as the restoration of our hope. Our Savior. Our King...

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