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Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Notebook

This is my notebook.  It's a cheap, two-for-a-dollar notebook that I carry with me just about everywhere.  I write in it.  I doodle in it.  I write notes to myself, jot down ideas, compose poems, scribble, and record those fragments of thoughts that flit through my head that would otherwise be lost.

This is my 6th or 7th of these notebooks.  I go through them pretty quick.  

I work out my sermons here, making notes to myself, writing down my questions, and occaisonaly trying to answer them.  My notes often time overlap each other.  There are layers of scribbles - a palimpsest of thoughts. 

This works for me.
It wouldn't work for everyone.  But it works for me.

It's lo-fi, requires no batteries, no outlet, no wifi connection.  It's light and not easily damaged.  This one, however, suffered some abuse and needed repair.  But duct tape is cheap.  And, unlike a notebook computer, if this notebook is lost it is inexpensive to replace.

Sometimes the doodles in these books become the subject of more fully developed artwork. The cat in this scribble became a painting.  The pterodactyl scribble in the bottom corner may soon become a work of its own as well.

I like this particular doodle.  I think that I'd like to make this into a large stencil.  I've been reading about street art and graffit artists and such.  This would work very well in that style.  Gonna' buy me a couple cans of spray paint....

These are some notes i wrote last night during a meeting.  They have nothing to do with that meeting, though.  I wasn't really paying attention. I was working on a presentation that I'll be giving in two weeks.

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