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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Shrine - Art, Religion and Pulp Science Fiction

I'm a member of an online community of artists. We share photos of our work with each other, ask for help or critiques, explore new techniques, and challenge each other to new projects.

Recently the challenge was to create a shrine.  This was my response.

The center piece of this tableau is actually several years old.  Mary stands inside a coconut shell that I fixed up.  It was textured with a clear gel and then painted gold.  The "lid" half of the shell fits back in to place, so I can display it closed or open.

St. Francis stands there to the left. He's been in a number of my paintings.  Usually accompanied by an octopus  or squid-like sea monster.  In front of him is a sea shell.  Perhaps the sea monster is lurking inside the shell?

Down center are some crosses, chains and rosaries. And a bottle cap.

Further right is a woman being menaced by a giant scorpion.  She is the cover of every pulp science fiction novel.  She is Andromeda menaced by the Kraken or Fay Raye threatened by King Kong. She is the woman in Revelation 12 pursued by the dragon...

There is something here about faith and fear, or about fear and faith. 

God give you peace.

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