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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Secret Place of Thunder - Freesound Dare #11

The theme of Freesound Dare #11 is, fittingly enough, Spring.  As we're getting a few minutes more sunlight every day (at least, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), and as the temperatures are beginning to rise we are starting to think about Spring.

But the word Spring - in English - has many different meanings.  Among it's many connotations  it could be the season, it could be a mechanical spring, it could be a flow of water from the ground.  The challenge of the dare was to include these three different ideas in a work using sounds from the Freesound Project.

Here is my entry: The Secret Place of Thunder

The title is drawn from Psalm 81:7.
"You called me in trouble and I rescued you,
I answered you from the secret place of thunder."

If you like it, feel free to download it and to share it with a friend.

I used the following sounds and only these sounds from the Freesound Project:

The thunder, rain, and spring river sounds should be pretty obvious. I didn't mess around with them very much.   The blackbird trill was put through a number of delay effects, as was the mysterious traveler bird noise.  The the bass line and the melody were played with the jaw harp sound in a couple of different layers with multiple effects - some of which created another layer of bird-like tones - which fit in very well with the rest of the piece.

This song goes well with another of my recent bird songs - Anxious For Nothing


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