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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mystery - The Stones Cry Out

My brother and I frequently collaborate on projects.  Last year we worked together on a zombie movie. On another occasion when he was hired to work as the director of photography on an independent film called Kansas City Beat, I put together a short piece of music - that the directors liked and asked if they could use in the film.

And now we're working together again, albeit in different parts of the world.  He is in Israel filming the first three episodes of a Arabic language television program entitled The Stones Cry Out.  I am - not in Israel- helping with the scripts and with the music.  (The crew has received funding for another 10 episodes!)

Here is one of the songs that I've put together for the show.

You can hear a little bit of the song in this behind the scenes video.

I spoke with my brother a little bit this afternoon.  They had some excitement while filming at the Jordan River today.  At one point my brother had climbed into a tree in order to get the necessary shot when he realized that he was being covered in a swarm of ants.  Instead of flailing about, trying to swat them - and possibly dropping the camera or falling from the tree - my brother did the sensible thing and climbed out of the tree and baptized himself in the river.

Later the crew saw smoke coming from one of the laptop cords.... Fortunately my sister-in-law was there to yank the cable out before the laptop was fried.

A crazy day, but my brother said that he likes what they filmed today.

In making the song above I used the following sounds from the Freesound Project :

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