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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Powerpoint Slides for Everyone - 2014 - Advent Weeks

I usually post these free background images on Sunday afternoons.  But because this week has been more than regular busy, I wasn't able to do it then.  I was going to do it on Monday, but then I was swamped with other things... Tuesday, Wednesday... bah!  Finally, on this Thanksgiving Thursday, I can finally get them posted for you.

And to make up for the fact that I was somewhat delayed (and to ensure that I won't have to worry about it for a few weeks) I am going to share all four weeks of the Advent themed backgrounds here in a single post.  Feel free to use one, or all, or none, or any that you like.

Advent 1 photo Advent1_zps501b868a.jpg

Advent 2 photo Advent2_zpse541de34.jpg

Advent 3 photo Advent3_zps0b9cc887.jpg

Advent 4 photo Advent4_zps44530a72.jpg

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