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Friday, November 14, 2014

The Commies are Out to Get Us - David Noebel, Paranoid and Crazy

I’m working on a piece of homework, an assignment for my ENG COMP class.  We’re to write a 700 – 1,000 word Persuasive Essay.  I’ve chosen to argue that “the Bible does allow for a governmental role in caring for the poor.”  In preparation for writing this essay, I’ve been doing a bit of research – in my own collection of books, at the public library and on the internets.

One of the sources that I’ll be quoting – as the voice of the opposition (claiming that the bible does not allow a governmental roll in caring for the poor) – is one David Noebel, former director of Summit Ministries. I decided to do a little investigation into Mr. Noebel and his background, so that I can fairly and accurately present his arguments. In digging through his work I discovered the following gems:  

“…the communists’ ingenuity in placing these records in hundreds of thousands of American homes and in thousands of schools in all 50 states and Canada is frightening.  Since the American family and the American teacher would not knowingly purchase communist recordings designed to produce mentally sick children, the communists stepped back into the woodwork and allowed well-intentioned people to their subversive work for them. Their effectiveness is staggering.  Their influence is terrifying and a picture to behold…”

It would be difficult to describe the Beatles as Communists – difficult with a straight face, anyway. But Noebel also took issue with folk singers like Pete Seger, Woody Guthrie, and Phil Ochs as well. These artists could more accurately be described as communists or socialists.  But that’s part of why I love them.

Marxist Minstrels: The Communist Subversion of American Folk Music

(By the way, he repeatedly mispronounces Phil Ochs name...) 

David Noebel is a sometimes contributor to World Net Daily, and co-wrote the book Mind Siege:The Battle for Truth in the new Millennium (2000) with Tim LaHaye, which is a tiresome screed against the evils of the secular humanists and a woe-is-us bemoaning of the decline of John Birch style Pro-moral True American Christianity...

The material written by Noebel that I will be quoting in my paper is from his book Understanding the Times: The Story of the Biblical Christian, Marxist / Leninist and Secular Humanist Worldviews (1992) and is less obviously paranoid and crazy than the examples I've included here, but are you noticing a theme? I think him crazy, not because he saw communism / socialism on the rise - but because he attributes such evil and malicious intent to socialism and because he believes that his version and interpretation of a "Christian Worldview" is the only true and reasonable Christian worldview.  According to Noebel, any Christian who embraces a worldview anywhere along the spectrum of socialism is not a real, bible loving, pro-moral Christian.

And because he sees evil communist / secular humanist conspiracies everywhere... 

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