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Monday, December 7, 2015

Doctor Who Christmas Carols

The other day I posted a short list of Xmas mashup songs I'd like to hear. Today I'm sharing a list of Doctor Who Christmas Carols that need to be sung:

Ood Christian Men, Rejoice
God Rest Ye Merry Cybermen
Silence Night
Do You Know the River Song that the Angels Sang?
Weeping Angels from the Realms of Glory
Frosty the Snowmen
The Boe's Face Carol
Ood King Wenceslas

*Edit: My friend, Deb, has suggested:

O Little Town in Gallifrey

**2nd Edit (because I have clever friends, and because this one now seems obvious):

Dalek the Halls

***3rd Edit

Autons from the Realms of Rory

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