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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Star Was a Sign (or I’m Going To Kick Your Aster)

The Star was an angel,
tumbling from the sky,
falling from Earth orbit
   in an uncontrolled burn
and landing in a well
in Bethlehem.

If you go there,
   they say,
you can still see him,
waving up from the water.

The Star was a gold covered icon, carried
   with all proper reverence
through the incense of
the sanctuary of the sky
by the Hallelujah chanting
host of heaven.

A comet, a meteor, a planet,
a conjunction of planets,
a meteor shower,
exploding bolides and supernovae.

The Star was an alien craft
strange and unknown;
   the Magi were abducted
by its occupants.

The Star was a sign,
a symbol, a story
of something greater than these.

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