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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This is not Christmas, but Armageddon

From the bright burning star of the east comes the fire that will burn the cities of earth, the Wormwood starfire that destroys Russian villages and all immorality along with the liberal press and its persuasive power. Spray gasoline on the flames, for Gogmagog! is almost entirely destroyed.

Scandalous as it seems, the scriptures are not specific on this point. Will the singing sons of morning or the dancing daughters of darkness prevail? Will we sit on the hillsides of winter, repeating the sound?

It is true apostasy, news of the mysterious: “Nowell.” How we marvel at the wonder of the age. “Nowell, nowell, nowell! Nowell sing we clear,” and the result is a rising tide of communists and socialists. “Holpen are the folk of earth” with their mob mentality. “Cast-a down the proud” indeed!

We would be free. We would be jolly, but our efforts are cut, ripped by the terrible claws of a perverted Santa Claus. Look how charming is this world dictator in red, the king of climate and coal and conflict. “Aye! and be merry,” they say, “put sorrow aside.” This is not Christmas, but Armageddon.

Millions of beleaguered fundamentalists and right wing supermen will mount a Christmas counter attack. No more holiday or season greetings, but a shout! Russian Bolsheviks pour across the border chanting “re, mi, fa, sol!” in accents coarse and thick, but we will greet them on this happy morning with a hail of potash and bullets. We will not allow them to destroy Christmas forever.

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