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Sunday, April 3, 2016

All is Justified in the Economic Reports

The AntiChrist fulfills his plan to flay every living child between eight and ten years old, to fill their bladders with mountain water, and to assault the Jews-perhaps with opera. But these people will not math, will never reveal their hidden identities. It’s too dangerous. It will be necessary for him to hollow out their abdomens and to refill them with small red berries. Some of them will believe, eventually.

The Unified Church will be watching all of this, viewing explicit surveillance videocassettes.  The sphincter muscles of Western Demoncratic nations will hold peace at bay for many years. The economics of the situation require such action. All is justified in the economic reports.

You will recall that during the last world war your body was left in a valley of dry bones. Japan, several years later, spent millions of dollars to dig up proteins and other useful carbohydrates from that same valley. This is the secret of the most destructive force ever devised. Death and destruction far surpassing all previous successes. We have new special effects, digital animation to describe the work. And the proliferation of regardless children – that is, children without the proper regard for the world – will not concern us.

Take Turkana specimens- they cannot be filtered out of the system. Cable television stations broadcast pornographic messages through their so-called Lymphatic Entertainment Divisions (LED). Computerized subscribers are assaulted by live action programming, poison in the veins. Television home shopping, video discoveries: “Can these bones be remembered?” All this means the end of spiritual conquest. German made machine-guns now dominate Hollywood. “God, thou knowest the weaponry that is cutting down and fragmenting our families.”

England is nearly as desperate as we are to find a new anthropology – one that will embrace a smokeless gunpowder and TNT, and more guns for the flowering American manhood, ripening as the bladder expands. We need a new, rapid method for manufacturing babies in a 6-Day time frame, for the new, never-ending war. Newspapers report the massive output, but it is not enough. Couriers of peace are still agonizing, as they should be. Let peace, we say, flow like blood from their veins. We will take action ourselves.

No bread. No fluid. No plasma. The spleen, the kidneys, the Emphatic system – let them all fail. The sound of the collapsing organs of a dead nation. Drain away the spirit. Submit to history. A hot day and low oxygen – it is exactly in this manner that the harmful material will pass through the anatomy of peace loving hominids.

With the cooperation of our young anthropologists it may be possible to convert domestic theatrical releases and cable rights to U.S. and foreign video sales. The profit or loss depends on the audience. Essentially it is this: the Abomination of Desolation is directly tied to foreign theatrical rights and local television syndication. 

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