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Friday, April 29, 2016

Mystery Mathematics and Alphabetical Incantations

The school-bell rings and the kids, hooligans and malcontents every one, dash madly for class, ready to study Mystery Mathematics and Alphabetical Incantations.  

The Asymmetrical lines on her face were drawn there in morbid ink
by merciful artists working in the dark, and
clearly, this was an act of vengeance, a radical plot to
destroy America, to burn bridges, and smear feces on all the beautiful things, on
everything we love about our magnificent

Good God, but the world is in ruins;
hazard and hell on earth

I photographed the whole thing-
junkyard disasters, flooded shopping malls and
killers in the rearview mirror. We are
lost in caverns deep beneath the earth,
mesmerized by transient odors, by
nomadic priests and wandering rabbis.

Our ontological debates are moderated by morons,
proctored by monied interests and
quislings sellout out their neighbors for a
romanticized dream of a greater America, by
slum lords evicting the world without mercy.

Those who cannot remember their lines will be held
underwater until the sand can be counted and the sound extinguished.
Vespasian traveled under extinguished stars to a shoreless Elysium while
xeroxed copies of battered maps and travel guides are passed around by those
young enough to know better, but too old to care.

Zip it up. Send me home; we’re done here.

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