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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

He Hath Swallowed Me Up Like an Existential Illness

And there was seen another sign in the starry heaven, seen by many expert, professional witnesses who beheld a great red dragon. And this should come as no surprise. They beheld in the sky a great red dragon (a psychotic myth, a modern dilemma) having seven heads and ten horns and blood force, hot air forcibly withdrawn from the body, a wicked specimen walking bipedally like a chimpanzee, or gorilla, like a real man.

This…dragon… is a literal dragon, not that of heraldic tale or pyschotherapeutic fable, or fanciful (that is to say – mischievous) artwork. This real and literal dragon appears to walk habitually upright like a man – like many who pretend to be men: politicians, educrats, bureaucrats and malpractice quacks. Frauds, all of them. They are semi-marine animals clad in a panoply of lies, media distortions, and false logic.

Here it is called “Leviathan.” There it is named “Apophis” and “Dracul” – a criminal of a thousand faces and a thousand, thousand descriptions. Part crocodile, part whale, part therapist, and part defense attorney, He hath swallowed me up like a dragon like a fever or another existential illness.

It is the great dragon of a peculiar color: red, with all that implies- inflammation, infection, socialism, blood-borne pathogens, and other extravagancies. With seven heads which are: Murder, Robbery, Rape, Plunder, Violence, Infection, and Isis Radiation.

It is the Devil, the literal devil, not a mere evil principle from within and without, but the malignant reptile haunting human history. He is burning up the world, kindling a demand upon the earth for new victims, more victims. Instead of redemption - victims. Instead of rehabilitation – more victims sacrificed upon the twin altars of psychotherapy and the justice system. The Devil is a shrewd attorney and a clever advocate. He has convinced the mainstream media with his lies.

Can we, like Moses, take it up by the tail? Reach down to grasp that hot scaly serpent gorged on blood? The stars of heaven are dysfunctional and hurled down. The angels of heaven relocated. The Violator, a dragon-virus, a strong electron, a sweaty bacteria. The stars of heaven are cast down, the angels perspire. Sickness spreads across the earth.

The Seven Spirits of God, dressed in lab coats, fight the infection; they warm the blood and cool the skin. They draw out the mucous. But the Salamander burns, burns hotter and brighter as he approaches the earth. The body overheats. Modern man is vulnerable to the fiery darts of the fevered dragondevil. The infection spreads to the throat and lungs. Words of comfort evaporate on the tongue. His robes are soiled, his crown tarnished. His song is silenced and his blood boiled under vicious reptilian attack.

Hurled headlong and flaming from the vast ethereal sky, the monster comes to earth with dirty movies and soap operas, and films financed by foreign investors with strange and unpronounceable names, demon names like Zinjanthropus. And, cast down and downcast as he is, he disguises himself with skin and shaking bones, with skin and quivering bones and rancid breath. The blood waste of a million tiny lives and civil unrest. Human armies are driven away. The army of Salem is defeated. Blood and Urine are combined. This is the new medical science. This is all we have left. This is your psychotherapy. This is our only remaining theological tradition.

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