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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Word of Advice from a Concerned Administrator

You with your low utopianism, you can’t dismantle power, you can’t rewrite history, can’t change the trajectory of the future. Who are you? With your liberal-humanistic hand-washing, your cheap ideology, your perverse intent to change the world, to change the times and seasons, who are you?

Keep the past. Maintain your place within the structure, in statu quo res erant ante bellum, Forget your crude Great Harmony. You are a used car: irrational and dangerous. You would shake down the present to find the future.

This is the way the world is.
This is the way the world is.
This is the way the world is.
Stop your whimpering.

You write fables and dreams. You say Marxism is Christianity without God like that’s a good thing. Your illusory bliss-ninny idealism is evidence of your delusions. You must learn to inhabit the realm of necessity and realism. Utopia is willful thinking, and you are a willful stubborn child. 

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