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Saturday, May 21, 2016

I Would Beg Pardon, but from Whom? - New Music

I tangled the path and disrupted the plasma field line phenomenon. I fired the laser beam from orbit. I was undone by an erratic electron flow. I would beg pardon, but from whom?

I Would Beg Pardon, but from Whom? - Below are listed the various sounds I used from the Freesound Project:

01 – Autocephalous

02 – The Great Auk

03 – Corruption (Oh Boy)

Toy Glock 

04 – Gravitational Force, Emotional Impulse

05 – Other Angels

06 - Illegal Transmissions

07 –Dreamfree

08 – I Disappear

09 – I Would Beg Pardon, but from Whom?

Freedback 11 

10 – Chaos 7 Hazard 8

11  - Unpredictable Spotlights

12 – Theoretical Vexation

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