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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

God’s Plan for America

It’s one of those things we say; a cliché without meaning except for the meaning that is understood by our peers and comrades when we say it. The phrase itself doesn’t have to mean anything in itself, everyone already understands what we mean.

God is in control of everything. God’s plan will be accomplished in the upcoming election.

But what might that mean? If we really believed it, what might it mean? Here are some possibilities:

God is using Donald Trump to punish America for its sins with its sins personified. President Donald Trump will lead us further into the darkness that we have chosen.

God is using Donald Trump to restore America to its former glory, to lead us back from the edge of darkness.

God is using Hilary Clinton to lead America towards a brighter and better future.

God is using Hilary Clinton to destroy America for its sin and liberalism.

If you’re using the cliché, maybe you could let us know which of these (or other) possibilities that you intend to communicate. 

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