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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Island of Misfit Sounds - A Freesound Project Dare

The challenge was to take the leftover sounds from Christmas - the sounds from the cardboard, wrapping paper, glass bottles, and etc... - to create a new and (hopefully) interesting song.

We were required to use at least 10 of the sounds specifically recorded for this dare.  And the song had to be 2 - 4 minutes long.

Here is the song I created: The Island of Misfit Sounds

If you like it, you should feel free to download it and to share it with friends.

I used the following sounds from the Freesound Project:


  1. Really wonderful! This is my favourite, I don't need to hear the others :)

  2. well thank you... but that's hardly fair to the others. *grin.

  3. We'll see...

  4. A beautiful 2.39 minutes of crescendo. Really great composition, that fills the room and takes your mind on a peaceful journey :)

  5. amazing composition. lovely sound. congrats!


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