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Friday, June 21, 2013

Poorly Written Lyrics are Disturbing

 photo IMG_3328_zps3bf10c77.jpgI've been out at music camp all this week - as part of the faculty, helping to teach the kids to play their instruments and to sing more euphoniously. I've also been playing in the faculty band, and singing with the faculty chorus.

One of the songs we've been practicing is "How beautiful" by Twila Paris and it includes this disturbing line:

" beautiful the hands that served 
the wine and the bread
and the children of earth..."

Didn't think that one out too well, did she?


  1. It is playing on the two different meanings of "serve", but yes, it is more awkward than I ever noticed listening to or playing the song accompanying a vocalist. It is rather like the spoof headline I once saw, "Local man waxes poetic, car." :-)

  2. I recognize the intended meaning, but all I could think of was this:


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