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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Psalm 16 - A New Hymn

One of the things I have been challenging myself to do this year is to write new hymns - or at least new words for old hymn tunes. I'm certainly no Charles Wesley, but I have enjoyed the challenge of translating scripture texts into metered phrases for singing.

I sort of fell out of the practice for a few weeks, but I'm back now with Psalm 16 - sung to the hymn tune Vox Dilecti ("Beloved Voice" - usually the tune for Horatius Bonar's text "I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say")

Protect and keep me safe, O God,
for you are my refuge;
my soul has said, “You are my God
without you there’s no good.”
As for the saints around me, Lord,
they are majestic ones,
but those who seek another god
shall multiply sorrows.

Yahweh is my inheritance
and I will choose his cup;
the boundary lines are safely drawn
and I have all I need.
I will continually praise
the Lord who counsels me,
even at night my heart instructs
me and I will not fall.

Therefore my heart and tongue rejoice;
my body rests secure
for he will not abandon me
to death’s final decay.
O God, you will make known to me
the path of life to tread.
Your presence is the fullest joy
that I could ever know.

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