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Friday, February 14, 2014

I Like My Answers Better

I spent a large portion of today driving with my family - a six hour trip that took close to 8 because of bad weather and careless drivers.  We were safe.  We were fine.  But to help pass the time we played a bit of the game "Catchprase" a word guessing game.

Here are some of the clues I was given - and the answers I gave in return.  I like my answers better than the "real" answers.

*Some people have these when they smile:  Teeth.  (the real answer was "dimples.")

*When you are trapped, when you can't get out:  Marriage (the real answer was "stuck.")

*When you borrow money from the bank it's called:  A Heist  (the real answer was "loan.")

* You put this in the needle:  Heroin (or, alternately) a Camel  (the real answer was "thread.")

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