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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Books I Didn’t Write

Here are eight books that I did not write / have not (yet) written:

#1–I Love Everyone -A high energy, conversational approach to meeting new people and making friends.

#2–Your Friend, Algebra–1,001 practical and fun applications of high school level algebra.

#3–The Saurian Call–Steamy dinosaur themed erotica.

#4–Over One Billion Reasons–A defense of, and apology for McDonald’s.

#5–Greisbach Hypothesis Is Best Hypothesis-written expressly to irritate my friend, Joel.

#6–The Big Book of Christian Internet Memes–Click and Share if you feel guilty about Jesus.

#7–The Ezekiel Diet–SPOILERS! It’s mostly dense bread baked over dung.

#8–The Life of Saint Helveticus: Volume 2 – Baptism through Fire-The second of a five volume work on the life of Saint Helveticus, covering the years between 1673 -1873. 

And here is one book that I did write: Muted Hosannas-a collection of poetry and photography. 

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