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Monday, March 9, 2015

In the City of Lights and Murder

He shall be grieved; he is wounded and wasted, but he shall return, for he always returns, again and again with his pains. The monster within him never dies. And within the City of Lights, that sanctuary of paganism where religious conquerors still survive, he will find the gold and the silver seized from churches. The bells may be broken, but they are there. The walls are ravaged by irruptions of barbarians from the North, teenage hoodlums, Vandals. 

He shall be grieved and return-he can never really leave. The departure protocols set by the Captain are yet to be filed. Around him-the sound of an empire falling, broken into fragments as the murders begin.

The prophet has given us a view of the City, filled as it is with the most wonderful discoveries, all the scientific and mechanical achievements of the present age. Take this: #1 The Suspension Bridge–a marvel of concrete and wire. The Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883, now the bodies of the slaughtered are hung there for display.

The sovereignty of the sea is compromised; the Senate falls under his power. Now is the time for gas masks and riots; suspicion sweeps every street. It is the Gothic Horn, the Gothic horde, and spear gun murders. One by one the Lords and Ladies of the City surrender, relinquishing their masks to the killer among them. Throw the bodies overboard and take to the seas. On cruise ships and yachts they feel no responsibility.

#2 Modern Battleships- We have more power upon the ocean than any nation before. Our modern armada, armored and vast, rules every wave.

Russia saw another opportunity to startle the powers of Europe, and struck a blow upon her unprepared opponents. She stepped out into warmer climates and deliberately ignored the stipulations of all previous treaties. This was no search and rescue operation. This was no mission of mercy.  It was a strident display of military prowess just as it was in 1619 when Peter the Great seized the Sea of Azov from the Turks and murdered his enemies while they slept.  A thrill of horror! He’s come back and they’re all going to die.

#3 Modern Artillery-We have cannons capable of throwing a projectile over five feet in length and weighing 2,400 pounds a distance of 20 miles through a hell-of-a-storm. Thunder, lightning, wind, and waves.  Fire and smoke in the basement, the smell of charred flesh and burnt plastic.  Thunder crashes-no one hears the alarm. No one sees the distress flare through the rain. These men are not soldiers; they are children led by a madman. A storm is coming and a mistake.

Can you see the contradictions contained in every verse, every line? The ceremonies of an insane time, unrivaled in absurdities and impish behavior, are performed with dancing and drinks in the lounge. Topple the statues! Tear down the walls! A band of musicians, preceded by a solemn procession of user and losers, leads the way for us all. If we must have idols (and, yes, we must) then bow before the altar of the gun. Ascend the steps to this strange god.

#4 The Typewriter-Manifestos and Propaganda are produced new every day; important texts are composed with speed and accuracy. Calendars are adjusted. The week is lengthened from seven days to ten days. The word-the written word-the Typewritten Word will change the world. 

What a galaxy of wonders is here. #5 The Telegraph and #6 Electric Lighting-the modern world seems insane with it all. Walking corpses are not real, of course, but they are here, here in this time of the end when the book of prophecy is no longer sealed, but open for all to read and understand. A mighty angel comes down from heaven with a sword in his hand to confront the dead and the dying. 

We are lost in a fog at sea, in a little rowboat. We all went to New York City in a little rowboat. It is dark, but the streets are illuminated by burning cars. We must move on toward those prophetic expectations.  The clock is ticking and the cars are all burning. In a rowboat on a lake of fire, we are choking on smoke and fumes.

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