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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Dr. Tarrec Receives an Admonishment from the Revealing Angel

So, son of man, child of dust and ash, will you now recite your prayers and speak your prophecies?  Will you tell them of Gogmagog! and the terrorist attacks that he will sponsor?  Will you sing the song that you heard in secret?  The trumpeting angels encamped in an abandoned building in the midst of an urban industrial park will signal the beginning of the cataclysm. 

The planets align.  The flood begins.

Son of dust and death, have you accepted your place in the universe?  The British Museum of Occult Synthesis has the records that you need, the significant scriptures are on file in their hidden fortress facilities.  They have preserved the necessary weapon technologies from an ancient time, a forgotten time. The planets will align.  The seals will be broken.  There are only 1,000 days for the 1,000 mountains. 

Do not forget that the Gulf War produced multiplied dead without gratitude.  Stand at the Outer Wall that they may hear your words of warning.

After speaking to the dead, the world’s population will turn their swords against their comrades, against themselves.  The Underfather is dead; his iron lung ceased its wheezing.  Mountains fall, cliffs crumble.  International Plague Inspectors will be turned away at the door, unable to earn your trust.  You must acknowledge the keening sound of police sirens in the streets.  You must hear them, even as you hear the prayers of vengeance offered by the dying saints. 

E. Coli bombs will be dropped over the cities of your enemies, kingdom against kingdom.  Sabotage and urban warfare as, nation against nation, the world shakes itself apart.  Stand at the Eastern Gate and tell them these things.

There are over one billion angels singing pop songs in the atmosphere.  When they cease from singing there will be a universal silence. The angel Gabriel is strong, his hands scarred and horned, but is he strong enough to sustain that silence?  There will be seven years of rodents in the dark.  Son of ash and thunder, are you able to tell them of these things?

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