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Monday, June 8, 2015

Plundering and Blundering

He saw them: Peter, James and John (the Thunder-Twins) and Judas-hunched conspiratorially over the evening cookfire, whispering. Jesus left his followers an hour or so prior, and gone off some distance to pray alone, in the dark. Now, upon returning, he found these four (the others were already sleeping) plotting.

“We’ve got enough rope,” said Peter, “I think.  We can do this if we tie up his hands and his feet, but…”

“But,” said John, interrupting with a pointed jab of his meaty hand, “we’ve got to be quick, and we’ve got to be quiet. We do this tonight, while everyone’s asleep.”

Peter spoke, “James, you keep watch to the North and East. Judas, on the South and West. Let out a little bird whistle if you see anyone approaching. It’s dark tonight, no moon, so I don’t think there will be anyone, but…”

“But,” John interrupted again. “We’ve got to be quick and quiet. We go in. We crack him on the head with this,” he brandished his walking staff, a stout length of solid oak, “And we tie him up tight. Then we find the money.”

Jesus moved closer now and the disciples, seeing the motion, flinched. Their eyes were wide in firelight and surprise.

“Jesus… you startled us,” said Peter.

“What are you boys planning?”

They hesitated, none of them wanting to be the first to speak. Then Peter said, “Well, it’s like you told us-we’re going to go in, bind up Levi the Merchant, and take his moneybox.”

Judas said, “The money will feed the poor, and spread your gospel, Master. We…”

Jesus cut him off before he could say more. “You’re going to do what?”

“We’re going to bind up the strongman,” said Peter, “and plunder his house. Like you told us to.”

“Told you?” Jesus sputtered. “That was a parable. A parable, you fools!  Why must you always take everything so literally?”

(Mark 3:23-27)

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