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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A SEVEN Point Plan from the Untamable He-Goat

Before we can discuss the coming war in the boroughs of New York, before any discussion of muscular demonic activity or the di-oxidation of spiritual space, it is appropriate to lay out a bit of BACKGROUND:

FIRST-Satan, the master deceiver, is made plural-“them” and “they,” creating vibrations in combustible asphalt. Your wife makes a sound and the city is in flames. Listen to the noise of emotional outbursts and ruptured diaphragms. Your lungs blow up and we will warm ourselves by the fires of burning civilization. Take security from health with flying fireballs.

SECOND-Look at our inner cities; our cities are burning. I watched Baltimore burn. And it will be worse this summer. We can’t build in Brooklyn-there are millions of reasons why. “Their” system is expanding and we have no money because “their” merchants are witches, mediums and false messengers-sorcerers [pharmakeia] who compound the deception of nations. We know that the outer world exists; we’re very cognizant of that, but we are disintegrating. Our lungs are filled with demonic activity, especially in the inner cities.

THIRD-Take a tax deduction to encourage the transfer of books; shove tax supported colleges up your nose. Create economic free-fire zones for unclean spirits because spirits are low. They want our money, but they don’t want us. Underneath of it all are tiny blood vessels surrounding the truth and a broken rib cage. We have been given a busted body, one flesh, one voice against the evil powers, one instrument to feel our pain. Anthropos will be punished, but the lungs will be remade over and over again.

FOURTH-Stability and Security at home are comprehended no more. I’ve never really seen law enforcement. Tremendous amounts of damage was done that first evening; hot lava came flowing down the mountainside, pre-prophets were stoned to death, and mothers were seared with burning liquid. No Christians should be plunged into this river of fire. So much damage in just one evening– in the first two evenings, but the first evening in particular. And so I’m a very strong believer in law enforcement, but our vocal cords are heard no more, neither our father nor mother’s chants. The top of our windpipe, as God warned, is broken and our tongue is cleaved by foul sorceries.

FIFTH-I’ve had stories written about me–by the newspapers of repute and prestige– but they are false, and written in rage. They are tight cords of vibration, a chorus of song that can wound and kill (rather than sooth) the savage beast. I’ve seen a miraculous increase in satanic activity, I’ve felt the social impetus of liberation. I’ve heard strange voice speaking and singing, making high notes and have taken pharmaceuticals-drugs-designed to bring us from our planetary wanderings. We are destroyed by fury and fire, and we do not know how to escape.

SIXTH-There is a false alarm and a yellow telephone at the end of the age, and this comes as a tremendous shock to me. We are approaching an evil pyramid but there will be no victory- libel laws don’t exist in this fuzzy city complex. A nice woman kills me. But that’s okay. Speak. Speak to me in a low voice, like a man, then breathe.

SEVENTH-I received in the mail today a brochure, a counterfoiled course in witchcraft. It was a very bad system, it was New Jersey. I saw in it a Great Judge, the first one, and I was going to win, but then came another judge, a second one, and then a third one-the third one was a bad judge. That’s what happened. “They” kept switching judges. Malice is required. Would you weaken that like a villain? Like a serpent? Like blood let out upon the earth? 

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