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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Gall Adder

The Gall Adder (proverbial for his bitterness and impudent behavior) has made another small protest. He does this because he thinks he is not a yellow-bile coward. But this is unacceptable. This is risk. This is the way that fifth column liberalists have gained their power, the power of the bladder and the pancreatic juice.

The acceptance of Stone-cut homosexuals in the military was, from the outset, the agenda of a wider body. (Though the Gall Adder is only 6 feet long, he has a surprisingly long reach). Now he wants to spread the films of a gay, Marxist, atheist. He produces only depression and aggression within himself; he spreads this to others around him via long hinged fangs which he keeps hidden behind his thin lipped smile.

Our repeated warnings have had little to no effect; few realize just how dangerous the Gall Adder really is. He refuses to see how dangerous he is to himself. He is the one behind the stomach pains that afflict our hidden god, with his gastric juice and poisonous food.

But he will be broken and ground into fine particles. His muscles will not be rebuilt, now or in the future. We can be almost certain about this. We would not expect anything less. The doctrines of the Gall Adder are inimical to our self-esteem, to what we think of ourselves and our institution, to our institution and our aspirations to delusional grandeur.

Receive this blood filled secret: He is an abnormal growth, a tumor, a wart. He is a live-birth viper.

Sadly, we have already come a long way down for this half made man. His intestines are coiled up in such a small space that even careful Bible students (who only read from the uncontroversial texts) cannot see him. Prophetically speaking, there can be no question of his disturbance and nuisance.

Finding him and destroying him is the vision that guides us, the vision that sharpens our teeth and strengthens our bones.

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