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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How Long Is this Vision To Be?

In the fourth year of the Blessed Bending, a vision appeared to me, Daniel, after all the others I’d had before. I gazed at the vision and this is what I observed: a loud mouthed he-goat from the west encroaching over the surface of the whole world, but never touching the ground of reality, butting heads with all he encountered. No animal could stand up to him; nothing could escape his ego. He did as he pleased and became strong. On its head it wore a wild mane, as untamable as himself. He charged at the other goats arrayed against him and, one by one, trampled them underfoot and broke their horns. And there was no one to rescue them.

I heard a holy one speaking and another holy one say to the speaker: “How long is this vision to be, of perpetual bullying and of obnoxious bombast? How long? O God, how long? 

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