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Friday, July 15, 2016

Dr. Tarrec’s Free Weekly Horoscope 38

Aries – A mortal prophet speaks lovely, a lonely theologian, high voiced with impenetrable power. Go home. Do not seek him.

Taurus – There is a letter that you must write, and soon. You know the one. You have not forgotten, not yet. Death documents must be signed an notarized.

Gemini –The slow leak is still a secret part of life. Start something new. One step at a time; start now before all the air is gone, now-before you go to bed.

Cancer Are you intrigued by the future? You should be. But you already know where it begins. Start in the present with a radical prayer and a good theology.

Leo – Ultimately nobody, nobody alone. So who is playing the harmonica? Don’t tell me you don’t hear it. Send new dreams; we need them.

Virgo – The only difficulty you will have in September is the devil. Distortion and deception. Evil. Evil things.

Libra – You were formed from dust. Fragile Body. Soul. Spirit. But you are fine. You are free. One. Two. Three.

Scorpio – As a corpse lacks a mind and a damaged brain sags in decay, this may only be temporary.

Sagittarius – The surface of the earth and the complete sky – this is knowing.

Capricorn – Beware of all Negative motion. Cherubim waving flaming swords die alone. Crazy love.

Aquarius – Naked depression and aggression. Rejection desires to have you.

Pisces – Gone. All gone. Do you understand, citizen? Gone. Absolutely. Who did this?

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