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Friday, July 29, 2016

Obscure and Forgotten Superheroes

These Superheroes and Super Villains have been forgotten, and rightfully so.

1) Zygodactyl Man – he has the head and torso of a man, the feet of a bird.
2) Nitrous-Oxide Man – with the healing power of laughter.
3) The Dust Bunny – lurking under your bed.
4) Gregory Speck – like the famous actor, only much smaller.
5) The Phlegmanator – calmly hocking up a viscous substance to stop crime
6) Captain Apathy and the Lethargic Legion – meh…
7) Peaked in High School Man – forever reliving former glory.
8) Gulliboy – believes everything he reads.
9) Uncle Albert – stretching his hands across the water.
10) Miss Direction – confounding the world with propaganda and doublespeak.
11) Saint Helveticus – prophet of the chemystical sciences.
12) The Satanic Sartorialist – Hail Satin!
13 The Grimwald Warrior – his father will never forgive him.
14) Apophatic Woman – following the negative way toward God.
15) The Indeterminate Time Twins – they’ll be arriving soon…
16) Doctor Zorka – of the Alchemical Civil Defense program.
17) Jump Cut Girl – making abrupt transitions to the next scene.
18) The Law-Bender – never actually breaks the law…
19) Mistress Heliotrope – dressed in black and purple leather, ready to spread the perfume of justice.
20) Teenage Crimewave – rebelling against the parents who buy her everything.
21) The Statistician – compiling data to influence the future.
22)  Mr. Oblivious – Now where was I?
23) Captain Goiter – providing iodine for everyone.
24) Superannuated Man – using old slang: Twenty-three-skidoo!
25) Hypotension Gal – 90/60 and falling.
26) The Defenestrator – throwing criminals through the windows of Prague.
27) The One that Got Away – you should have seen him.
28) Mister Dullard – hasn’t got a single intelligent thing to say.
29) The Spanx Manx – well if you’re going to fight crime in your underwear, it should be slimming…
30) Conformator – yields to social pressure.

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