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Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Abject History of Sternodogs and their Creator, Doctor Zorka

It was the Tarkus Experimental Energy Laboratories that first developed The Right Government ™ Sternodogs. Doctor Zorka, head of the Alchemical Civil Defense project, poured liquid blue hellfire in to the veins of grim-faced canines and brought forth these Gwyllgi, the cruel canines that hunt and burn us in the streets. Pinschers, Wolfhounds, and Mastiffs were his favored source of genetic material. He modified their DNA, by removing the myostatin gene to increase their muscle mass, and this altered genetic material was carefully mixed with Zorka’s secret formula of Cadet’s fuming liquid, methanol, water, and an amphoteric oxide gelling agent.The Sternodogs were then placed into aluminum storage jars with a blue, flammable, amniotic fluid. Thousands of these jars are kept in the vaults of Tarkus labs.

The first generations of Zorka’s Sternodogs were all fang, and claws, and throaty growls. They melted into puddles of ooze that burned through the floor. Zorka quickly corrected his mistakes, but the memory of those grotesque mutations, the echo of their howls in the T.E.E.L basement corridors lingered for many years, like ghosts. Like guilt and shame.They were the ethical nightmares of unrestrained hubris and malice.

Modern Sternodogs grow quickly after birth, developing meaty, overgrown, muscular thighs, making them excellent runners, perfect for the military police/ hunters of The Leader’s Polizeistaat. Deathstalkers in the secret streets of the city, patrolling littered alleys in the dark and the dank, their own pungent smell masked by the stench of urine and industrial run-off. Their partially exposed skulls glow faintly, blue beneath matted clumps of fur. Their eyes are cold and sharp as a winter wind.

They are kept on carbon fiber leashes and mark of the beast RFID shock collars, unleased by their handlers to attack and to kill children with death. They snarl and growl, mocking and shredding advocates of now obsolete (and forbidden) politically correct speech patterns. God may be on the side of the oppressed, but The Leader’s Sternodogs will attack and kill. And we are afraid. We hide, or we run but we cannot escape.

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