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Friday, July 8, 2016

You Are Gods

Scripture cannot be set aside
so it must be true:
You are gods, each of you

Grasping, gross, gaping numena,
trigger bullet idols,
strong willed, bull-necked, bastard gods
killing fathers to devour their sons

Naked divinities of violence,
demonic demi-gods, tarnished
eagles - carrion consuming
cannibal gods

Lords of flies,
shit-eating, vomit licking,
grotesque spirits
undeserving of glory

If the word of God cannot be laid aside,
then you are, indeed,
gods -
each of you, gods!

Rescue the weak
Defend the needy
Save them

Or accuse me of blasphemy
and, though you are indeed gods,
you will die
and fall to the ground as any son of Adam.

(Psalm 82)

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