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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Learning Hebrew

Because I am one of those unfortunate pastors who does not know how to read Hebrew or Greek, and can only read the bible in translation, I have decided to finally rectify my ignorance.

To that end, I have begun learning how to read and speak Hebrew. I am taking lessons from my friend Dr. Jim West - who offers his skill as a tutor in both Hebrew and Greek at very reasonable rates (16 weeks for $100. He'll work with rank beginners (like me) or with those who just need a refresher. I'd recommend him to you.  (And I'd also recommend his blog - Zwinglius Redivvius - to you as well if you like snark, theology, and the reformers.)

I've also dug up the Introduction to Hebrew text that my wife had in one of her college classes. (It may have been over 20 years ago, but I saved it because... well because you never know when you'll want it again.)

I'm also using a listen and repeat sort of lesson on CD while I'm driving - and using the Duolino app on my smart phone. It's free and fun (and sometimes frustrating). You can also find free lessons in Biblical Hebrew on YouTube.

נדמו עמי מבלי הדעת

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